Amity Virtanen

Our wary teenager protagonist, who found herself lost in another world walking into a parking garage. While initially taken under the benevolent care of Pamfilos and his courier son Aleco, she was later transferred to the more questionably motivated house of Eswic's family. She is quick-witted and curious, already wielding an uncanny power over language that takes many otherworlders months to grasp. Unfortunately, Amity is also overconfident in her abilities, and has fallen in way over her head trying to make her way back home.

Trosce Nenov

An erratic otherworlder who was living with Eswic's family at the time of Amity's arrival. He is scarred by trauma from his handlers, allegedly earned through his violent past behavior. Trosce was the one to explain the basic mechanics of the Miamaska to Amity, though he doubted her ability to not expose the both of them. He abandoned her after she breached her shaky promise of escaping their captives together.


A distressed otherworlder that had the misfortune to appear within Alodia’s city limits. She was cornered and nearly killed by a mob led by Kittalin Sarino before being captured alive by a secretive faction. Her chaotic arrival prompted Kittalin to claim crisis status for the city, though she remains badly injured in Eswic’s care.

Aleco of Pamfilos

The surly courier who first discovered Amity wandering the grasslands near his father's rest house between two cities. He came to trust Amity for her earnest temperament, though was angered by the discovery of inexplicable wanted posters for her arrest. He is convinced that she was manipulating him from the beginning, and wants nothing to do with the business of handling otherworlders.

Pamfilos of Akakios

The patient father of Aleco and hospitable caretaker of Amity. When Aleco sent word of finding an orange marble Amity had left behind, he set out to bring it to them himself. Unfortunately he was distracted by finding Loric’s camp, and is now being held there for questioning.p>

Meora of Eswic

An inquisitive young woman who delights in the study of otherworlders, whose family hosted several for observance before. She is quite over-assuming of Amity's level of knowledge regarding her circumstances, but genuinely wants to learn advancements to help her own world. Meora is familiar with chemistry and narcotics, but is known to indulge in her experiments on occasion.

Kittalin Sarino

Star of Alodia, the Noble Widow, Kittalin is an ambitious and respected consul of the city-state Alodia, as well as the founder of the popular political party, the Alodia Guard. She has little patience for bureaucratic minutiae and strives to secure a dictator status to ensure her city is led by competent hands. A stranger named Loric tasked her with finding three people in exchange for advanced technology, which she is eager to obtain. She has a young daughter named Leoma, who she adores.

Leoma Sarino

The bubbly yet slightly precocious daughter of Kittalin. She does not enjoy the company of her cousins and would much rather spend time with her ever-busy mother. Unfortunately, it is quite uncommon for the upper-crust to spend much family time with their children in Alodian society, though Kit coddles her when she gets the chance.

Ketreth Eso

Publicly, Ketreth works as a propaganda artist within his sister’s political party, the Alodian Guard. Being Kittalin’s eldest brother, he is her main confidant and favored ally in political scheming. Secretly however, he supports an underground faction that facilitates the study and concealment of otherworlders and their advancements. He is blamed for encouraging Kittalin into politics without realizing how influential she would become, though remains protective of her.

Tabit Eso

Ketreth’s wife and permanent link to the covert network that harbors otherworlders in Alodia. She caused a minor scandal in the wealthy rings of society by marrying late into the Eso family while not being established herself. She is actively plotting to keep Kittalin from securing a dictatorship, by any means necessary. She and Ketreth have three sons together.


A stranger looking for a woman identical to Amity. He has a quiet agreement with the consul Kittalin: promising advanced technology in exchange for a girl and her accomplices. He was once highly ranked in the Regiment but lost his favor for some past misdeed. Loric is a well known linguistics expert.


A strange woman who seeks a woman identical to Amity. She was recently promoted to the prominent title of Director in the Regiment, though many doubt her competence due to her relatively young age. Along with Loric, she is known to have several modifications to her body.


Two strangers that Loric and Ress search for. Not much is known about them, though it is implied Rila has slighted Loric in the past.


A large beast wandering the grasslands. It has communicated with Amity and shadowed Loric in the past.